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BREEDER: Pennylynn M. Woodruff :: Eastern Ontario :: 5 Years of Breeding/Showing Shelties :: Website :: Sheltie Strut Ads :: Breeders Corner :: Online Provincial Business Card


Pennylnn Woodruff 2011My love of Shelties began in 2003 when I purchased a pet companion "Duncan" from Kim Aston and Peter Culumovic of Laureate. In 2004 we returned and purchased a pet companion female - "Daisy".

In 2005, I was asked to create the 2006 National Specialty logo, as well as be in charge of Hospitality - soon after that, I joined the CSSA.

At that time we moved to the country and I added my first show/breeding bitch. A 2 year old sable (1 point shy of her Canadian championship) which I would co-own with Kim & Peter. In hopes of starting my own kennel with my new found "love interest" it forced me to get a registered CKC kennel name. This was my introduction to the whirlwind of Dog Shows / breedings and alot of emotional ups and downs - triumphs and turbulence.

I choose Ruffleith - "ruff", being the last portion of my married surname, as well, being the majestic ruff of the sheltie. I wanted something Scottish to keep with the Sheltie origins, so I choose the word "Leith", being the gateway to Edinburgh, Scotland.

In 2006, I would co-own another bitch - she was 8 weeks old, from the last Canadian litter sired by Ch. Laureate Landslide ROMC, and her name today is CH Laureate Rachael Ray, who we affectionately call "Rayna" or "Ray Ray". We put her first 2 Canadian points on her in summer of 2007 and then in 2008, co-bred a beautiful litter with Laureate - sired by BIS/BPIS AM/CAN CH Shelhaven Alaris ROMC. Rayna presented us with 4 show hopefuls from our first litter of 6 and then we got her finished as a Canadian Champion with a Professional handler - Kim Wendling (KW).

All of Rayna's pups, with exception to Remi's first 5pts (by KW), were handled by me or my daughter, Brianna, to their Canadian Championship. As my confidence has improved, we have been able to place a few Best Puppy Groups, and a few group placements as well.

In late 2009, in order to help the CSSA raise money for the next round of National Specialties, I created the canadiansheltiebreeders.ca site (provincial business cards), followed shortly by Sheltie Strut, breeder's corner, and now this section... the Feature Breeder.

Over $6,000 has been raised with this initiative thus far. I hope this contribution aides the National Committee to make their event successful.

I have been involved with this beautiful breed for a very short time.... I have never pretended to know all that there is to know. I am still learning a lot of things. Does anyone really know everything? From breeding, artificial insemination, grooming, showing, and whelping.... still so much to learn. I am fortunate that I have found a network of friends and mentors, to help guide me along.

I show and groom my own dogs proudly, and I'm quite happy with my accomplishments thus far.

My story begins......